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 Again, I always say I should post in this journal more. 
Well I just went through another one of my 2 week relationships where at the end i realize i was being delusional in thinking that i could ever be involved in anything remotely like a healthy interpersonal relationship. 
This weekend I am attending a wedding...
always the wedding guest, never the participant lol
supposedly i write/direct bigfoot comics.... that of course never end up published on the web

just recent read Robert Anton Wilson's Historical Illuminatus Chronicles...too bad he never finished that series

ok maybe i can now go to sleep

Current Mood: apatheticapathetic

Woah I havn't logged in here in a long time. Such  a Shame I know..lol
Lately I continue to work, practice goofy arts, read, oh and soon there may be a webcomic with me as the writer. Oh and it's bout Bigfoot. 

So who is going to help me put together a proper outfit for a wedding?


Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: coil

Ok so last weekend i bought entirely too many comics

Too many Animal Man, Swamp Thing (Alan Moore first 4 episodes), Sandman Mystery Theater, and Sandman proper.
Heh, if i knew a pretty woman who took care of earthly affairs i would be set!

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: monster magnet

I hope everyone is feeling fine. I know I am! I purchased a kettlebell the other day and am getting "strong like bull"
Most news involving myself deals with late night reading at Amelie's, lots of coffee, tai chi, good movies, and really not a lot else. Career wise we are still stagnant, but then isn't everyone?

Current Mood: chipperchipper

I don't get to post her so much anymore due to work internet restrictions. I will simply post a haiku I wrote:
Drunk thoughts late at night
Rarely lead to good choices
Better to calm down!

But, anyone want to hit up Lupies tonight???

so what crazy bastard wants to drive to Norfolk to see Skinny Puppy?

Does it mean anything if you dream of someone with scars on one side of their face and maimed arms? What if its also an extremely beautiful (to you) you member of the opposite sex and they give you nothing but sass?

I have really weird dreams...I wonder if this person is out there...

Current Mood: quixoticquixotic
Current Music: of the wand and the moon

Do you miss me???

Since I was little and saw a rather bizarre episode of Muppet Babies I have been obsessed with the constellation Orion. It has been fun tonight to watch Orion move across the sky. As a kid I would eat breakfast at a neighbors and Orion would be in the morning sky above their house. I also find myself in empathy with Orion, what with loving something out of reach.

so look at the stars!!!

and if someone reads this...please find the muppet babies episode im talking about!

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